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Phoenix Fight
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Ren Xuxia


Chinese pen name: Xianyou. Began writing online novels in 2009, mainly historical romance and fantasy romance, as well as short- to mid-length scripts. Known for creativity and a warm and funny style, her humorous and touching stories have won her many female fans. Representative works include: “Please Don’t Be Mad, My King,” “The Demon King Addicted to Robbing the Bride,” and “The 28th Love God of the Clone Shop,” plus others, with the first two books earning more than one million page views online.Read this one of the Best Chinese Romance Novels.


【Chinese version completed,295 chapters totally,updates every Tuesday.】
After being reborn in an ancient dynasty and learning some basic martial arts, she auditioned as the prince’s bodyguard. She had her work cut out for her with the prince’s endless antics and drama. She was quitting, and no one could stop her! But she forgot about the prince’s father. What? You can look for a wife to be your princess. Why are you bothering me? I’m beautiful and talented, and I can beat you in any fight. I have friends who know martial arts and royal connections. I don’t need you! We’ll see!


A funny tale of reincarnation featuring a bumbling female bodyguard and the prince under her protection. Wherever their adventure took them, the desert, the ocean... whomever they encountered, legends, pirates... hilarity ensued. There’s no pretending or faking, just light and laughter. Sometimes a little heart-breaking, sometimes a lot of humorous. You can decide if this book is an Eastern-style Sinbad’s adventures or a Chinese version of Alice in Wonderland.

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