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Married to the Mermen King
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Le Xiaomeng


Chinese pen name: Le Xiaomeng. A well-known writer of romance, her style is unpredictable and varied. She writes everything from suspense to gaming, with a detailed and visual style. Began publishing “Stories of the Jiang Hu” in 2008, and became popular. In 2009, began publishing in various magazines. Representative works include “Peach Blossoms in the Fog,” among others. Her works “My Teacher is a Peach Blossom Fairy” and “The Water Demon’s Bride” were adapted for graphic novels, and her latest works are “The Demon King’s Homebody Battles” and “Married to the Mermen King.”


【Chinese version completed,74 chapters totally,updates every Monday.】
She had never counted on being married to the last cannibal merperson in the Amazon when visiting her parents on summer vacation! Danjinos: "You bit me. You have to marry me!" Her parents: "Did you hear that our daughter Mengmeng will be the wife of the last cannibal merperson in the Amazon? She’ll have the honor of populating the species!"


Funny tale about a young woman visiting family in the Amazon, and what ensues when she was literally caught by a mermaid king. She had no choice but to go be his wife, all for the survival of the mermaids, and the propagation of the species! A rollicking tale filled with surprising twists, a lighthearted read designed to be the best stress-relief! Brilliant among all the Light Novel Translations sites.

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