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Poor Rich Boy
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Kitten Wang


Chinese pen name: Jia Yan. Began online writing in 2008. Works include “Police Files from the Mountain,” “Cat Concubine,” “The Dragon’s Pet,” “Poor Rich Boy,” plus others. Has worked as an honorary teacher for youth training classes online. Her works are well-received and are earning rave reviews in the mobile market as well. Has worked as a lyricist in classical Chinese music, known for her original classic Chinese poetry and poem parodies, and is respected among her peers.


【Chinese version completed,180 chapters totally,updates on weekends.】
Life abroad was hard enough. She was just waiting for someone who had forgotten her, but a customer had made her lose her job. And that was only the beginning. When she was on the roof to clear her head, someone thought she was about to jump. Was he serious? And now he was moving next-door? And he is going to be her tutor? He doesn’t even look like a tutor. He kept calling her Little Yue, Little Yue . . . driving her crazy. She was already under a lot of pressure as a biracial girl studying on a foreign passport. He wanted to date her? She had enough complications with an ex. Did he want to make things worse? (Campus Love series)


A love across countries isn’t easy, especially if it’s between an innocent bi-racial girl and a stubborn teacher. At the Sakura Academy, she’s at her mom’s homeland, but she’s also fighting real-life battles. Love between a teacher and a student was already forbidden, not to mention the untold drama from the two families’ previous generation. The book is part of the Campus Love series.

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