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A Fight for Love
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Chinese pen name: Yuxuan’er. Original name: Li Xia. She is an emerging writer from Qingdao, China. High-volume writer with works including, “Fight for Love,” “The Runaway Concubine,” “Stop Chasing Me, My General,” “Instant Marriage,” “The Playful Princess’ Divorce,” “Romancing the Concubine,” “Bad Boy Husband,” and “Seducing the Demon Prince,” plus others.


【Chinese version completed,177 chapters totally,updates every Tuesday.】
“Sis, I’m homeless.” “Sis, I’m hungry. . .” “Sis, how do I play this part?” “Sis . . .” If only she could throw him out of her place. She was only two months older than he was. Did he have to keep calling her sis? Didn't he know pretending to be a baby just made him annoying? Who made the rule that she had to take care of and educate the younger brother of her dead boyfriend? What happens when a complicated girl meets a more complicated boy? (Campus Love series)


A privileged girl, still grieving over a lost love, suddenly meets her ex’s younger brother in a foreign country. A boy, just two months younger than her, who insists on calling her older sister. The boy kept hanging around in order to find out why his brother died. Gradually, the two’s relationship changed. This love story set on a campus is both humorous and heart-breaking. At the Sakura Academy, different stories of love are told all the time. The book is part of the Campus Love series.

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