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Hegel’s Confession
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Chinese pen name: Wuhen. A member of “born in the 1990s” generation. Well-known writer of suspense and romance. Likes good food and traveling. Began online writing in 2017. Joined the Writers Association and the Online Writers Association of Jilin City in 2018, currently the Vice Secretary of the Online Writers Association of Jilin City. Works include “Hegel’s Confession,” “Child, Wait for Me to Take You Home.”


【Chinese version completed,374 chapters totally,updates every Wednesday.】
As investigating partners, Zhu Xuan always wondered if her boss, Chu Haoran, had multiple personalities? How could he be so proud and obnoxious one minute, then caring and tender the next? One day after work, Haoran put up his long legs on her sofa table, announcing that he was living with her now. Xuan: "What about your own home?" Haoran: "There’s no point in resisting!"


Love and revenge are perennial topics. As a case from 10 years ago reopened, shocking twists, bold investigations, and surprising love... are all part of this thriller and love story, whose unique mystery/romance combination will make you keep reading.

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