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Love Among the Stars
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Gao Zhuoyin


Chinese pen name: Gao Zhuoyin. Male, Chinese, born in the 1970s. Member of the Writers’ Association of Liaoning Province, committee member of the Dalian Writers’ Association, Associate Director of the Online Writers’ Committee of Dalian Writers’ Association. His works are full of historical, social relevance, contemporary touches, featuring striking characters, and a robust style. His works are well-liked by domestic and international fans. Works include: “The Lonely Jianghu,” “3000 Miles of Battles with the Dragon,” “Love Among the Stars,” and the mid-length novel, “Battle at the Yasukuni Shrine.” Read this one of the Best Chinese Fantasy Novels translated.


【Chinese version completed,127 chapters totally,updates every Monday.】
After getting lost on a space flight, a group of human flight operators ended up in a strange realm. The handsome flight captain met his old love, even though his ex had a powerful new boyfriend. The beautiful princess of a foreign empire also fell in love with him. How will this love triangle play out in a distant galaxy?


There’s not a lot of sci-fi fiction in China, and even more rare, an opera set in space. A well-written space opera would be almost impossible to find, so this story is a gem. Fans of “Interstellar War” could read on to revisit the enchanting and mysterious world of outer space.

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