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The 28th Love God from the Clone Shop
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Ren Xuxia


Chinese pen name: Xianyou. Began writing online novels in 2009, mainly historical romance and fantasy romance, as well as short- to mid-length scripts. Known for creativity and a warm and funny style, her humorous and touching stories have won her many female fans. Representative works include: “Please Don’t Be Mad, My King,” “The Demon King Addicted to Robbing the Bride,” and “The 28th Love God of the Clone Shop,” plus others, with the first two books earning more than one million page views online.


【Chinese version completed,216 chapters totally,updates on weekends.】
More than twenty years ago, two clones were made from excellent organs. Yet, the same physical parts made two very different beings, one being evil and one moral. Human cloning became a battle between ethical integrity and research progress. The Bai Bio-Research Group, an overnight success, battled the secret island-based Bio-Research Base. For two decades, the conspiracies never stopped, and the brutal live-human experiments continued, with Silver Warriors and pirates participating in the rivalry. As secrets were revealed, human nature was tested to the extreme.


In the mysterious world of cloning, is there true love? Everyone here is a sacrifice for a human experiment. The love and hate from the previous generation pass on, creating the unique and sci-fi elements in this story. The elegant words tell a complex and heartbreaking story, with tragedies of young women’s broken dreams and the suffering of men who have promised too much.

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