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Royal Bad Boy
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Nandou Maomao


Chinese pen name: Nandou Maomao, pen names used include Momo0 and Yiyi. Began writing in 2010. Full-time online writer. Known for urban drama and romance. Full-length books include: “The CEO’s Runaway Maid,” “Mistress for the Billionaire,” “Royal Bad Boy,” “The Billionaire and the Sweetheart,” “In Love with the Demon King,” and others. Her novel, “Let Go, Cold-Hearted Boss,” was adapted as a graphic novel and has earned more than 60 million page views.


【Chinese version completed,167 chapters totally,updates on weekends.】
Was she crazy? Why would she invite a thief to live with her? She had probably never heard of “feeding a tiger to one’s own detriment.” But when she heard this thief was a kleptomaniac, she couldn’t just let him go. Fine, I’ll feed you and let you live here, but do I have to make your bed, too? And you’re being picky about breakfast? Do you have to lie on the sofa while I’m busy in the kitchen? The nightmare had just started. All of her jobs—temp worker at the fast food place, part-time job as an illustrator—were now all gone because of this thief. Did he have to make her life hell? (Campus Love series)


Though born in a rich family, he had a bad habit of stealing things. Though she knew the boy would bring her great trouble, she did not drive him away. Experienced all the traps he gave her, she found herself could not step out the past with him, but he disappeared since then. Was this true love or a misunderstanding of having fun with someone special? Where was he coming from and where was he heading to? A story of the Campus Love Series, a style of fun and twists.One of the best series of Chinese Web Novels Online.

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