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Mistress for the Billionaire
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Nandou Maomao


Chinese pen name: Nandou Maomao, pen names used include Momo0 and Yiyi. Began writing in 2010. Full-time online writer. Known for urban drama and romance. Full-length books include: “The CEO’s Runaway Maid,” “Mistress for the Billionaire,” “Royal Bad Boy,” “The Billionaire and the Sweetheart,” “In Love with the Demon King,” and others. Her novel, “Let Go, Cold-Hearted Boss,” was adapted as a graphic novel and has earned more than 60 million page views.


【Chinese version completed,103 chapters totally,updates on weekends.】
She had no choice when she became the mistress of a CEO. It was not for money, nor for desire, but fate. But she had to fall for the guy next door; after all, he was good at everything from taking care of a home to taking care of kids! After she fell in love, she realized he was already engaged. And he was the brother-in-law of the CEO. How could she have seen the ploy? What can I do when my jaded heart melts? When the hate I’ve held onto for ten years is gone, what do I do? When you said you’d wait for me, I was so touched. . . When everything is past and I look back, your determination makes my heart seem ridiculous.


Billionaires and CEOs are the most popular sub-genre of Chinese romances. The presidents themselves are a refreshing take on romance stories. This genre is an upgraded version of Cinderella. In this title, the poor heroine tries to approach the handsome president for the secret purpose of fighting for her future. However, after ups and downs in their relationship, the daily time they share together make them a perfect match.

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